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An iconic instrument with a unique sound. For many organists, the famous Kam-organ of the Grote Kerk Dordrecht is one of the most beautiful organs in the Netherlands.

Orgelmakerij Noorlander has made recordings of the Kam-organ. From autumn 2021 you can play this organ in your living room. A warm romantic sound that will bring back memories of memorable organists and impressive concerts. An instrument that fits the music of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Johannes Brahms. French-romantic repertoire and Dutch chorale music also sound excellent on the Kam-organ. Let yourself be carried away and inspired by the wonderful sounds of this stunning organ.


In the year 2007 Verschueren Orgelbouw (Heythuysen) completed a unique project. They made the Bach organ in the Grote Kerk Dordrecht. In general, this instrument is an important enrichment of the Dutch organ collection and in particular of the Grote Kerk Dordrecht. After all, never before has a style copy of the work of the famous organ maker Gottfried Silbermann been built in the Netherlands. Moreover, from a stylistic point of view, the instrument is an important addition to the opus magnum of the organbuilder Kam in the imposing ‘Dordtse Dom’.

Orgelmakerij Noorlander has also made recordings of this inspiring organ. From autumn 2021 this organ will also be made available as a sampleset and you can play it in your living room.

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